A Wrinkle in Time Review

With a film whose characters are named Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit, the only character I wanted to be added in this movie was Mrs. Why to explain to me WHY DOES NONE OF THIS STORY MAKE ANY SENSE?! 

The Strangers: Prey At Night Review

If the entire motivation for the approximately six killers that are working together as a unit to terrorize and murder this family is based from the words "Because why not,"  then this gives me less than a fuck to care to be in this goddamn theater.

Game Night Review

Before viewing this, I was originally skeptical about Daley/Goldstein being the directors for the upcoming Flashpoint film for DC. But now, I'm fully onboard with them going off to adapting it.

Black Panther Review

At a certain point, “Black Panther” goes beyond being a Marvel movie, a comic book adaptation, and a superhero movie. It breaks the glass ceiling by exceeding all three and instead becomes a revolutionary culture point for Black cinema.