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Sing Review

If you’re wondering where that one billion dollar profit from Illumination’s Minions went, it went straight to Sing. With Illumination Entertainment’s second film released this year, Sing shows that there are much more things animation can do with anthropomorphic animals and can keep everyone smiling.

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Loving Review

Recently there has been a good amount of film with a similar theme of social injustice. From The Birth of a Nation to even Zootopia these films brought out strong messages of discrimination and racism people face in communities today. But none of these films are as powerful as Jeff Nichols’ Loving.

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Sausage Party Review

But in all honesty I have seen a lot of shitty parents take their kids to the worst films that they shouldn’t be introduced to at their age. But with this movie, take em. It doesn’t matter how much the marketing keeps screaming its R rating down your throat, I know some dumbass parent will take their kids to see Sausage Party. And years later from now if your kid grows being fucked up, it’s your fault because this movie will mess your kid up.

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