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The Lego Batman Movie Review

If the guys at How it Should Have Ended had the opportunity to write a full Batman movie but in the form of Legos, it would be this

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The Secret Life of Pets Review

What is great about Illumination’s newest animated film is that there are constant creative character designs for every character they create and the variation of pets in The Secret of Pets. We know the type of humor the studio is capable of with funny visual gags and quirky dialogue and this film is nothing short of that. 

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Zootopia Review

 Disney's Zootopia is a triumphant film in general that perfects on getting a very thought provoking message across without being preachy to kids and adults and still manages to tell a great story in all. With brilliant writing, animation, and voices, this is sure one of Disney Animation's best non-musical films since Tarzan.

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