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Star Trek Beyond Review

Right off the bat with the introduction to the film, Justin Lin’s director perception of Star Trek is very similar to JJ Abrams but in a way much better. You see Lin capture what made his last 2 Fast and Furious films great and applied it to this Star Trek film which is (as Vin Diesel famously says) family. 

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Finding Dory Review

Just like a lot of Pixar films, this benefits from a genuinely moving story. The emotion in this film is real and genuine. The film also challenges a good lesson for parents and people to not be prejudice with people with disabilities but instead be patient with them.

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Zootopia Review

 Disney's Zootopia is a triumphant film in general that perfects on getting a very thought provoking message across without being preachy to kids and adults and still manages to tell a great story in all. With brilliant writing, animation, and voices, this is sure one of Disney Animation's best non-musical films since Tarzan.

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