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Rules Don't Apply Review

The majority of the random actions Howard Hughes does are on the cartoonish hijinks of Scrooge McDuck with a mixture of Mr. Magoo which leads to a numerous amount of comedic sequences and cutaways that were of true events.

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The Girl on the Train Review

Emily Blunt’s performance carries this film. You’ve never seen her in a role where’s she’s a complete mess more than this. Her character pretty much has the lesson of don’t poking your head into shit that isn’t any of your business. 

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The Magnificent Seven Review

As much Fuqua praises his love for western you see him whole heartily takes his love and integrates it into the production and cinematography that takes you back to the westerns of the 70s but with Fuqua’s gritty look where the contrast filter is on 100%. There is an aesthetic atmosphere of classic Western cinema that you have to to appreciate.

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