Loving Review

Recently there has been a good amount of film with a similar theme of social injustice. From The Birth of a Nation to even Zootopia these films brought out strong messages of discrimination and racism people face in communities today. But none of these films are as powerful as Jeff Nichols’ Loving.

Lion Review

The film features a largely known cast who has been in other Award nominated films, but the film truly held by Sunny Pawer who plays Young Saroo. For the first hour, this is HIS movie. It is Patel, Mara, and Kidman that the film markets but Pawar’s performance is truly outstanding. 

Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween Review

In the 2014 film Top Five directed by Chris Rock, there was an opening shot in the AMC Lincoln Square theater where the first thing you see is a large movie banner for a knockoff Madea Halloween movie. HE ACTUALLY USED THAT BANNER AS INSPIRATION FOR AN ACTUAL FEATURE LENGTH MADEA MOVIE! 

Ouija: Origin of Evil Review

There was a lot of work put into the practical effects and the production design in the house that the Zanders are living in. Even from the Universal Pictures logo and the film's title card it keeps on going with this routine where plays like a 60s horror flick.

Moonlight Review

This is one of those films I've gone into blind without seeing a trailer similar to what I did with Sing Street earlier this year. It was a movie I just thought as a film for the LGBT community, but as watching it I realize it is much more than that.

Trolls Review

Its as if they took the game designers of Kirby Epic Yarn or Yoshi's Island and hired them as animators because it resembles a similar visual those games had.

Jackie Review

You could tell Portman had to do a plenty of research for this role because she embodies both the look and voice of Kennedy herself. If you listen to recordings of Kennedy's voice it's exactly alike to the voice Portman puts on and it is flawless.

The Edge of Seventeen Review

With this film written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, this has a rebellious spirit that's very honest and endearing. If Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, and an adult R-rated version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid had a baby, it would be this movie.